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At BARNSCO Michigan, we take pride in serving our paving customers. We have been reliably servicing and building relationships with our customers in the concrete paving business since 1984 and our experience shows in every project we supply.

Serving commercial contractors, we specialize in highway/road paving and airport/runway paving. Whether the job requires jointed unreinforced, jointed reinforced or continuously reinforced concrete pavement, we have the quality equipment, tools, and supplies to complete any size job.

Innovation is key having completed many projects using stringless technology. This advantage is used in large highway and airport runway projects.

Over the years we have developed a streamlined approach and built a strong team focused on customer satisfaction. This strong and steady team approach allows for us to manage any size paving job.

  • 8-12 inch Paving Baskets
  • Wire Mesh (sheets & rolls)
  • Tie Bar Baskets
  • Epoxy Loose Dowels
    • 25”
    • 5”
  • Basket Stakes
  • Epoxy
  • Tie Bars
  • Rebar/Epoxy Rebar
  • Patching Materials
  • Burlap
  • Poly
    • Paving Tools
    • Grout Retention Rings
    • Dowel Sleeves
    • Dowel Caps

We strive to always meet our customer’s order requirements and we can fulfill custom orders. Give us a call if you need custom wire mesh, custom dowels and/or custom baskets. We are here to supply the products that meet your building specifications.

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