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Rebar Fabrication 101: Equipment & Process

If you’re involved in the building materials industry, you’ve probably heard of the term “fabricated rebar”- this product is a staple for concrete projects, a vital partner when it comes to building with concrete. When used together, these two products can make your building withstand the harsh elements of Michigan and help prevent early structural demise through efficient and easy custom fabrication.

What is rebar?

Rebar (short for reinforcing bar) is a steel bar that helps to strengthen and aid to concrete under tension. These reinforcing steel bars are vital to concrete construction companies everywhere since it provides the following benefits to concrete projects:

  • It provides strength;
  • It reduces overall thickness; and
  • It provides support in climate variations.

Now we ask the question, what is rebar fabrication? Rebar fabrication is an operation where rebar is cut and shaped to detailed specifications in a construction design to create proper lengths and connections, exactly as an architect would require.

What equipment is used for rebar fabrication?

Rebar is commonly used in the construction world and is essential for many projects. Since it is so widely used, there is a lot of demand for fabricated rebar- that's why rebar fabrication has become such a refined process that requires state-of-the-art equipment and experienced operators.

Since having the right equipment to form custom rebar is crucial to the process, it’s important to understand what equipment you need to make fabricated rebar successfully and efficiently.


Shearlines are used to make straight cuts in multiple bars at the same time. They offer rebar companies an advanced way to increase productivity, which makes them a fundamental piece in the fabrication process.

Tabletop Benders

Tabletop Benders are used to bend all rebar sizes with precise angles while helping improve accuracy for onsite projects, saving time and money on both the rebar fabrication process and concrete project.

Bar Wiser 22

Bar Wiser 22s are essential to BARNSCO Michigan’s rebar fabrication because they cut and bend bars in various shapes. This advanced equipment allows BARNSCO to improve accuracy of bend specifications by helping create multiple bends that include vertical dimensions.  

Ring Benders

Ring Benders can bend straight rebar into circles. This helps reinforce light pole bases, piers, and anything with a radius. This piece of equipment helps BARNSCO Michigan supply any job with a variety of specialized bends to any type of project.

Custom Rebar Fabrication with Innovative Equipment

Rebar fabrication is an extremely important process that should be done right. At BARNSCO Michigan, we proudly supply, detail, and fabricate rebar for all our customers with exact specifications and project details in mind to meet all your project needs. Shearlines, tabletop benders, bar wiser 22s, and ring benders rebar fabrication machines all help BARNSCO Michigan increase our productivity, overall efficiency, and tackle even the toughest of projects.

To learn how we can help meet your rebar needs, contact us today or stop by our location  to speak with one of our experienced fabricated rebar professionals.